I’m passionate about great websites and I know you will be too

Every new website is a fresh chance to build something great which is why I offer many different web-based services that will help your business reach its true potential. Is your current web design looking dated, is it a nightmare to view on a mobile device, or are you still trying to figure out what SEO stands for? A new website can also be overwhelming, but that is what we do! From day one, we will collaborate with you on all your professional web design needs.


As Standard

Whichever package you chose we will include the following as standard so you can rest assured your site is built on great foundations.


FREE Emails with every website I host, and I’ll also help you set them up so you’re always in contact with your customers,



When we build your great new website you will want people to be able to find it right? So we’ll assist with your Search Engine Optimising.


Social Media

I will give visitors to your website the ability to share your site via their social media accounts, and we’ll include links to your business social media accounts as well.


Every page is 100% responsive, rest assured from Monitors to Mobiles your website will always look great and offer a smooth intuitive user experience.


If you take advantage of our hosting plan your websites will come with a SSL certificate, daily backups and be hosted in the UK with 24/7 support.

Safe and Secure

Your website will come with a valid SSL security certificate.

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* Only available for Websites hosted via Fluid Web Development’s prefered hosting partner

#3 Benefits of a website

Having a website will end up saving you time

Whether you are sending emails, taking calls, or preparing proposals – communicating with potential customers takes time. Your website can save you that time by supplying answers to common customer questions and inquiries. It can lead customers to your social media pages for more information and show testimonials, price lists, and examples of your work. What does this mean for you? You can spend your time working within your business.

feature Website

Your shop is always open

Have you ever had that thing happen to you when you go into a shop and as soon as you enter a sales assistant starts harassing you, or when you cannot see the products you want and there is no one to ask? What about when you can’t get parked, the shop is shut or it’s so busy you can’t make a purchase straight away but don’t have the time to wait?

None of those things ever happen in an online shop, just like the online Sweet Shop I built for Truly Scrumptious. Cautious about taking committing to an eCommerce solution? So was confectioner Steve Tempest when we first met; “First steps into the world of websites and all that it entails could not have been more daunting, however, choosing using Fluid Web Development with Keith guiding us at every step of the way has been a dream. He guided us in every aspect of what we wanted, what we expected, what we thought we wanted but didn’t really, and has been there at the drop of a hat. His professionalism is second to none, with an easy-to-understand approach for us first-timers.”

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