66% of people in the UK keep their smartphone with them 24/7

Research firm eMarketer has this week released a new report on UK media consumption in a multi-channel world. The report, unveiled at Facebook’s London HQ, reveals that advances in mobile device ownership have brought about a new balance in the way people consume media.

Although consumption of television content is rising – driven by new, non-traditional platforms like Netflix, YouTube and other online video services – overall time spent with broadcast television has been surpassed by digital for the first time. In addition the report found:

  • Mobile is at the point of surpassing traditional desktop internet usage
  • Overall time spent with media has increased by 30 minutes to 8 hours and 39 minutes
  • UK smartphone penetration will top 50% in 2014
  • UK tablet penetration will reach 38% in 2014

eMarketer gathered its findings from an analysis of thousands of data points from government, academic, for-profit and non-profit sources. These multiple perspectives allow eMarketer to spot trends that may not be apparent when relying on a single source or outlook.



Time spent with mobile has grown from 15 minutes in 2010 to 1 hour and 49 minutes this year, an increase of 627%. One of the factors behind this dramatic shift to mobile is the rise of web browsing on mobile devices. eMarketer looked at data from Arbitron Mobile and found that 86% of UK smartphone owners accessed social media last year, for roughly 26 minutes a day.  So just how much web browsing is takes place on a daily basis.

The report cites multiple sources of research indicating that people increasingly feel that they can’t live without their smartphone – 66% of people in the UK keep their smartphone with them 24/7, while 76% of us check it while lying in bed. “‘Online’ is no longer somewhere we go, it’s something we are; a persistent state of constant connectivity,” said eMarketer’s Editorial Director, Ezra Palmer.

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To get the full picture, check out eMarketer’s official press release.


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