Google’s 200 SEO Ranking factors, Part Four Back Linking Factors

February 13, 2014

In part three we looked at the  Page Level Factors and how they could effect your SEO, lets move on to Bank Linking Factors and see what part they play in continuing that improvement.

Get your links in early

If you can create links on other sites to yours,  even when its just in development its worth doing as older links may be more powerful than new ones.  Try to do this with sites that are themselves a good age.  It all helps.

Lots of Links, good not bad

The more links you have back you your web pages, even from your own site will help.  Links from competitors, such as quoiting your blogs with back links is real bonus.  But beware of links from “Bad Neighbours” may hurt your site. Links from authority sites will also  greatly help as will links from longer posts of 1000 words than links from say a 25 word post.

There are lots more rules so here you go..


SEO04-Backlink factors

Infographic data Source: Backlinko and SingleGrain



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  1. Stephen Greene


    If you accept guest posts, how much would you charge? What kind of content would you accept?




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