If you’re struggling to justify a web site then it might be time to go single..

Whether I am talking to potential clients or populating a website for an existing customer I have noticed one scenario which can see the website never reach the development stage or if it does it becomes difficult to complete.

The problem is content and the issue it represents is either that people don’t feel their business can justify a multi-page website so no website. Or they aim feel they need lots of pages then struggle to source suitable content to fill them.

So what’s the solution? I think it’s a “Smart Site”

A one page website or “smart site” sits between a landing page and a traditional website, creating an optimal viewing experience for your customer. Because there is very little to do, or be confused about, bounce rates for one page sites tend to be very low, and can be well optimised for SEO.

One page websites are all about telling your story and drawing people in, enticing the visitor to stay awhile and browse.

One pager’s are easy to navigate, with the relevant information all in one place, meaning a faster and more satisfying user experience.

Sharing a one page site is far easier than a traditional site, it is not practical to expect visitors to share an entire website, but a single page encourages the visitor to share your information, therefore effectively enticing the user to encourage further visits to your page.

Of course one page sites are not suitable for every business, but for businesses who have a limited amount of content or simply just want people to know who they are and where they are, it could be the ideal solution. Typically, one page sites would be perfect for anyone who may be looking for product promotion, showcase a portfolio or who may be organising a one-time event such as a wedding or conference where usually all you need is to inform guests of simple things such as time of arrival, venue address etc

If your site content is going to be minimal, then a single page website could be the right choice for you.

A few reasons why single page sites are becoming more popular are listed below:

  1. Easy to inform: You need to make good use of the available space by using words that are direct and specific. This will make it easier for your user to get your point and the information you are trying to convey them.
  2. Navigation is easy: The main advantage of single page websites is easy navigation. Since there is only one page, your users will not get lost so you don’t need to worry about the navigation. Most probably you won’t need a navigation bar or if you want you can keep one navigation bar.
  3. Focus is on Quality: The main focus of Single Page Websites is that it focuses on quality and not quantity. You can simply focus on your website without thinking about the other page s of the site. You will have a better website with good quality and better results.
  4. Chances for better ranking on Google: Since there is only single page, there are more chances for increased Google ranking. This means that the ranking will be applied to the whole site because there is a single page which can lead to higher traffic.

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